Boken fick tredje pris i finalen bland 23 deltagande länder i klassen Culinary Travel Guides gick till boken "Sol, Safari & Serundeng (Lennqvist förlag) av Anders och Marianne Lennqvist. Det är en reseskildring och kokbok som tar oss till Egypten, Östafrika, Papua Nya Guinea, Sydostasien och Australien.

Sun, Safari & Serundeng
A spicy travel account by Anders and Marianne Lennqvist

Sun, Safari & Serundeng is a unique gift book full of exciting flavours! Do you like to cook new dishes? Are you fascinated by exotic places? This a completely unique gift book for yourself, your friends, employees and customers.

The book Sun, Safari & Serundeng is both a travel account and a cook book. It covers one year's travel through Egypt, East Africa, South East Asia, Papua New Guinea and Australia and shares the adventure and the recipes with you. The book has more than 200 pages and it is filled with beautiful photos.

Together with the book comes a separate recipe leaflet. Everything delivered in a nice gift wrapping containing some of the spices and ingredients needed for the dishes.


Diploma Best Culinary Travel Guide in the world,
Gourmand Cook Book Award, Paris feb. 11 2010

I finalen Paris Cook book Award  vann boken tredje priset i klassen "Culinary Travel Guides"  bland 23 deltagande länder.